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Viewing Central Station History

Each event that reports to the Central Station can be viewed. This can give you information concerning the status of your alarm. Some of these events include: (if your system provides these types of signals)

  •    Alarm events (Burglars, Fire and Panic Alarms)
  •    Employees can be monitored by viewing Opening and Closing reports.
  •    System Troubles Such as low batteries or A.C. failure.
  •    Daily, Weekly or Monthly Testing.


To determine your Central Station, look on your Passcode Card or Central Station Monitoring Agreement. Each Central Station is listed below you must have your Account number and password to access the information:

Criticom International:

The account number will have four digits and two letters:  1234AB or 4567CU  

History Tab
Rapid Response Monitoring:

The account will have either of the following:400-0000 or E40-0000   

History Tab 

If you have any questions, please contact our offices.